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Diminished Arpeggios

In our ongoing look at arpeggios, we’ve looked at the major, minor and augmented forms. In this lesson, we’re going to get hip to diminished arpeggios. Get ready to play outside!


Augmented Arpeggios

After looking at major and minor arpeggios, it’s time to turn our attention to augmented arpeggios. Augmented arpeggios (like augmented triads) have a very “outside” sound and feel to them and are a great way to throw your listener a curve ball every once in a while.

Minor Arpeggios

Let’s keep building up our theory and freeboard knowledge and turn our attention to minor arpeggios. We know from our study of minor triads that there’s only a difference of one note between major and minor: the third. Since arpeggios are just extensions of triads, we just build our collection of triads up into full-fledged arpeggios.

Capturing Inspiration with Day One

For years I’ve struggled with finding the perfect tool to capture musical ideas as they come to me. Inspiration is a fickle mistress and I need something dead-simple to use when the muse strikes. I’ve started using the Day One journaling app for this and it’s turning out to be great solution.

Pedalboard Signal Flow

Now that I have my pedalboard setup on a first-class platform, it's time to look at how I construct the signal chain. There's as much art as there is science to constructing a pedalboard signal flow. Let's see how I assembled mine.

The Baddest Pedalboard Ever

Moving from a homemade pedalboard to a pro-level setup with all the trimmings makes for one happy guitarist. See how I stepped my effects game up to the next level.


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