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Picking Patterns: Triplets

Let’s take a look at some relatively simple picking patterns that have are surprisingly challenging to play. We’ll start with the tried-and-true triplet groups in a scale. These sound like exercises because, well, they are exercises. But they’re also a fantastic laboratory to break down your picking motion. Let’s dig in!

Picking Patterns Part III

In our ongoing exploration of picking patterns, it’s time to look at some variations. For the most part, the patterns we’ve looked at so far revolve around a three-notes-per-string mental approach. When we vary the number of notes played per string, it opens up some interesting sounds and picking motions.

Picking Patterns Part II

In the last lesson, we started breaking picking patterns down to their basics and evaluated both alternate- and economy-picking strategies. While many of the patterns were circular, they had a decidedly ascending bent to them. In this lesson, we’ll do the same breakdown, but we’ll focus on descending patterns.

Original Fuzz

Our lives are filled with mundane, everyday objects. Like office supplies, things like straps and cables are things most guitarists don’t give a tremendous amount of consideration. When I buy a guitar strap, I’m usually just trying to get out of the store with the one I hate the least (seriously, so many of them are just awful). Which is why it’s such a delight when somebody decides to tread the road less traveled and try to make something as ordinary as a guitar strap into something special. 

BIAS Desktop

This week has seen the arrival of something I’ve been eagerly anticipating for awhile: Positive Grid’s BIAS Desktop. Put simply, BIAS Desktop is the most powerful amp and cabinet simulator I’ve seen or heard. It’s more than just a deep, powerful simulation, it actually sounds great too!

Gig Preparation

The keys to proper gig preparation are ritual, consistency and having a plan. Don’t let your next gig go sideways because you were too lazy to get ready for it. These tips will help you get ready with less stress and help your performances out too.

Class Dismissed! Is Here

It’s been a long toil this summer, but the final touches have been put on Class Dismissed! and it’s now available for sale! If you’re a Van Halen fan looking for ways to grok more of Eddie’s playing, this is the lesson for you!

Coming Soon: Class Dismissed!

Oh man, I am beyond excited about this new project I’m working on. Coming later this summer is a new premium lessonClass Dismissed! which focuses on the Van Halen “power shuffle” style in the vein of songs like Hot For Teacher, I’m the One and Ice Cream Man. There is so much good stuff in here that I almost don’t even know where to begin…

Strange Beautiful Music

I don’t write a lot of book reviews here, but after finishing Joe Satriani’s Strange Beautiful Music, I felt like I had a few words to say about about a guitarist who has been a huge influence for me.