Gibson Memory Cable

I'm not one for randomly posting new gear announcements (lord knows there are a million of them), but when I came across this announcement from Gibson I couldn't help but smile and write something about it.

What Gibson has come up with is a guitar cable that also acts as an inline digital recorder. It’s always on and can record a staggering amount of audio. You can jam away freely and not worry about losing some cool riff you stumbled on. Just pull the micro-SD card out and slurp out the raw audio into your DAW-of-choice.

I am a big fan for capturing inspiration when it strikes. Even if you aren’t coming up with the most earth-shattering ideas every time you pickup the guitar, the practice of doing it consistently will help you dig deeper into better material. At the core of this practice is having a good setup that’s ready to go when the muse strikes.

I thought I had seen every conceivable way to capture an idea until this came along. I don’t know what tickles me more—the mechanism itself (which I love) or that, in this day and age, somebody could come up with a completely new way to capture ideas using a piece of gear we all take for granted.