Anytune 3.10

At this point, Anytune is so mature that you aren't going to see any splashy new features, but a steady improvement in the overall user-experience. But sometimes a seemingly innocuous feature sneaks in that ends being a real game-changer in your workflow.

The latest update to Anytune brings a host of new features, but the one that caught my eye is the Remote Control Pack. It adds support for controlling the app with external MIDI devices, a Bluetooth keyboard or the AirTurn pedal. 

The AirTurn BT-105—an essential tool for the iOS musician

The basic idea is that Anytune has a large number of commands it can perform, like "go to next marker" or "slow down". With the Remote Control Pack enabled you can assign a MIDI controller or AirTurn pedal to any of these commands.

The mapping process is so easy that you could reconfigure your device mapping depending on what you're working on. If you're focused on transcribing, you could map an AirTurn pedal to starting and stopping playback. But if you're playing along with  Anytune, you might want to remap the pedals to previous and next sections.

The iRig BlueBoard looks like a MIDI device to Anytune

If two pedals aren't enough, you can use something like IK Multimedia's iRig BlueBoard. The device will connect to the BlueBoard app in the background which makes it appear as a regular old MIDI device. Then you can easily map any of the pedal’s buttons to specific Anytune actions.  

As a musician that uses Anytune equally on both the Mac and iOS, I've really appreciated how similarly the two apps work. One of the sneaky-good little features in this release is support on the iOS side for a Bluetooth keyboard and the same keyboard shortcuts that are in the Mac version. I'm an unapologetic keyboard shortcut junkie and having the same quick access to the Anytune interface on iOS is a huge productivity win. 

With a Bluetooth keyboard you can use Anytune’s Mac keyboard shortcuts in iOS

When I'm not rocking out, my other secret identity is as a software developer on the iOS platform. As both a consumer and creator, I can appreciate what the folks behind Anytune have done for the last couple of years. They started with a solid foundation of an app, continuously refined the core features and added some very powerful new capabilities along the way. 

I keep wondering if there's any more goodness they can add to this app. Then a new release comes out and I'm always pleasantly surprised at what's been added. Check it out on iOS or Mac.