Anytune For Mac

One of my all-time favorite music apps on iOS, Anytune, was just released for the Mac. If you use Anytune on iOS and are on the Mac, this app is a must-have.

Recently, Anytune introduced iCloud synchronization between iOS devices. I waited a long time for this feature since I often setup markers on my iPad only to need them later on my iPhone in rehearsal. iCloud syncing now works somewhat like syncing in the iWork apps. Any settings file you create on one device will be available on any others. Anytune for Mac also supports iCloud syncing so getting all of my hand-crafted settings files onto my Mac was a snap.

As much as I love Anytune on iOS, there are some things about the Mac version I like better. The biggest thing is keyboard shortcuts. This isn’t a fault of Anytune as much as the differences between iOS and OS X. I am an unrepentant keyboard shortcut junkie. I will do damn near anything I can to avoid the mouse (or trackpad).

It’s also nice to have Anytune on my Mac when I’m transcribing something and want to switch over to a notation app like Guitar Pro. With iCloud sync to tie all of my devices together, it means I can work on the most appropriate platform and not lose anything. This is such a huge win.

The Mac version is an impressive debut. The folks at Anytune certainly set themselves up with a tall task. The iOS version of Anytune is quite mature and there was undoubtedly a lot of work just to get the Mac version up to feature-parity. Thankfully, they didn’t just port the iOS interface ham-fistedly over to OS X. The Mac version gets its own interface that is appropriate to the platform.



Anytune for Mac includes all of the great features of the iOS app such as custom re-tuning, speed adjustments, the step-up trainer, and markers. Anything you can do on the iOS version of the app, you can do on the Mac. As Anytune continues to evolve, it will be interesting to see how each version implements new features.

Anytune is one of my favorite tools as a musician. It’s great to finally have it available on my Mac.