Frankenstrat, Object of Desire

Everyone has a list of winning-lottery ticket guitars. That is, if you suddenly found yourself with more money than you knew what to do with, you’d indulge every impulse buy you ever had. For guitarists, there’s a list of funny special-purpose or novelty guitars we’d all get. For me, that list just got bigger with the announcement of the EVH Stripe Series.



Practically speaking, I already have a couple of guitars that fill this role. Getting this guitar would be wearing my allegiances on my sleeve. It’s like CEOs who go to fantasy baseball camp to shag flies with some retired third-string outfielder and pay $25k for the privilege. An acquisition like this would have nothing to do with logic—it would be all about the heart. Heck, I already have an EVH Wolfgang Special. I resisted getting one for so long because I didn’t want to buy it as some odd form of expensive hero-worship. But after finally playing one I realized that it’s one hell of a guitar. Everyone who’s had a chance to try it out agrees with me too. 

Realistically, I don’t know how high up the list of impulse purchases this one would go. But I’d sure love to play one just for the hell of it.

Via the I ♥ Guitar blog.