Practice & Transcription with iOS

These are heady days to be a guitarist, especially if you own an iPhone or iPad. So, rather than prattling on in text like I usually do on this topic, I put together this video showing how the right software and hardware mix together to make a great private workstation for the practicing guitarist.

In this video I show how to import music directly from YouTube, then break that music down into sections and further break down the complicated bits into smaller loops to pick apart and practice. What’s great about all of this is that I can do it in the middle of the night with bothering anyone. Just me and my guitar, rocking out late at night.

My tools of choice are:

  • the iRig HD, for plugging my guitar into my iPad or iPhone
  • JamUp Pro XT, for surprisingly good guitar tones from a computer
  • Anytune Pro +, for practice and transcription