Stompboxes for Bell Bottoms

Bell bottoms? Check. Blacklight posters? Check. Glossy photo of Marcia Brady? Check.

Strap into the Wayback Machine, Sherman! Today we're heading back to that glorious decade known as the 1970s to take a look at five great effect pedals that will transport your rig back to a golden age of guitar.

Guitar World has written up a good piece covering some class pedals of the 70s that you can still get today. Of the five pedals listed here, I have to shamefully admit that the Big Muff is the only one I've ever played. 

A buddy of mine in high school had one and we used to make the most stomach-churning sounds with it. Back then I was so obsessed with pursuing the “Brown Sound” so the Big Muff seemed like a dorky relic of the past. A novelty pedal, if you will. Now, with a little more age and perspective, it’s easier to see past the Soviet-style construction and goofy fonts to see it as a useful tool. Would I play “Crazy Train” with this as my distortion pedal? No. But that’s not to say it doesn’t have it’s place. If you’re going to cover “Satisfaction” this pedal is a must-have.

While I haven't played with the MXR Stereo Chorus, I've always loved their stuff. I have two MXR pedals, the EVH flanger and phaser, and I love ‘em both. I think they make the best knobs in the business and I was delighted when I found out that the EVH Wolfgang uses the same ones for volume and tone. If there’s one manufacturer I wish I could win a shopping spree with, it would be these guys.