Breaking Out Of The Box

This is an excerpt from the full video on the topic of using wide intervals from the pentatonic scale in your playing.

These are samples of the four different jam tracks that come with the lesson. Each one is in a different style, at a different tempo with a different rhythmic feel and are a great way to explore the concepts shown in this lesson.

This video illustrates the concepts of the lesson as a solo played over one of the included jam tracks. Commentary is provided as I play along so you can see and hear how each concept is being applied.

Tired of playing the same old rock and blues licks over and over? “Breaking Out Of The Box”, will give you a ton of new ideas to re-inspire your playing. You’ll be rocking the guitar in no time!

The lesson includes:

  • HD Video
  • Pdf_preview
  • Companion PDF
  • Music
  • MP3 Jam Tracks
  • Demo_preview
  • Demo Video

Learn how Eddie Van Halen, Eric Johnson, Steve Vai and Joe Satriani use the blues box to get their unique sound and how to expand your own style.