Crazy Train

“Crazy Train” is one of the most challenging solos I’ve ever been nuts enough to tackle. It is the quintessential solo of Randy Rhoads’ tragically short career.

In this video lesson, we’ll tackle the solo phrase by phrase, note by note. Not only will you learn the notes, but I’ll give you several handy tips on how to play it fast and cleanly. I’ll also give you tips on how to replicate Randy’s unique tone and sound.

This is also the first lesson I’ve created using JamUp Pro and BIAS, instead of miking a real amp. I’m really impressed with the amp tone and effects both of these apps provide.

This lesson is also Anytune-enabled! If you have Anytune installed, you can download a free settings file with section markers and loop markers for each phrase. You can learn more about importing links into Anytune here.