You Really Got Me

In 1978 Eddie Van Halen made a stunning debut with the release of the first Van Halen album. One of my favorite solos from that record is their cover of the Kinks classic, “You Really Got Me”. In less than twenty seconds Eddie tips his hat to rock and roll pioneers like Chuck Berry, then promptly blows us all away with his fiery style and technique. It’s like a warp-speed trip in a time machine from 1955 to 1980’s in a single guitar solo!

In this installment of 30 Seconds of Glory, I break this classic solo into five basic phrases. We’ll look at each one in detail so that you can learn to play it note-for-note. I also give you some tips to replicate Eddie’s monster sound, tone and performance.

This lesson is also Anytune-enabled! If you have Anytune installed, you can download a free settings file with section markers and loop markers for each phrase. You can learn more about importing links into Anytune here.