Class Dismissed! Is Here

It’s been a long toil this summer, but the final touches have been put on Class Dismissed! and it’s now available for sale! If you’re a Van Halen fan looking for ways to grok more of Eddie’s playing, this is the lesson for you!

I’m really happy with how this turned out. I tried a lot of new things in this lesson, most of which turned out to be successful. Shooting time went way down with the addition of a third camera (I tell ya, those GoPro guys are on to something!)

I’m also really proud of how the mix turned out. I got some great vocals from my pal Michael Graham which really helped the song “stick the landing”. I have some behind-the-scene videos coming soon of how it’s all put together.

If you ever wanted to know how I shoot and record these lessons, here’s a quick look “behind the curtain” to see how the lesson was put together: