Celebration Day

Last week the official Led Zeppelin Facebook page started posting some very cryptic images. Today (I think) we've learned what they've been up to. It appears that the Zep is releasing a new concert film from their 2007 reunion show in theaters. This show was a celebration of Atlantic Records' legendary Ahmet Ertegan and was one of the hottest concert tickets of all time.

I'm too young to have had the chance to see Zeppelin live and I really wish I had. When people ask that dinner-party question about what other periods of history you would visit with a time machine, I think my answer might include 1975 to seem them at Earl's Court. Hell, with enough preparation, I might have seriously considered flying to London and ponying up a boat-load of dough to see this reunion show. Jimmy Page is the reason I picked up the guitar in the first place.

I first got into Zep when I was in high-school. I think I had gone into full-time obsession about nine months before I actually knew what they looked like. This was the mid-80's so pairing a visual image with the sounds from your stereo was a key part of the music-listening experience. I remember that some cable channel showed the 1976 film "The Song Remains the Same" and I caught it on VHS. I spent a good bit of high-school wearing that thing out (though usually fast-forwarding through some of the more self-indulgent "fantasy" scenes).

At the time it was the only Zeppelin artifact I could get my hands on besides the studio releases. Upon reflection, as a live concert and album it's not going to knock your socks off. In fact that album and movie convinced me that Zep probably wasn't much of a live band and were suffering under the heavy weight of substance abuse when the film came out. It was only when "How the West Was Won" was released along with the DVD that I realized how great they were live.

Here's the trailer they posted earlier today. I will be clearing my calendar to see this film. I don't care if they're all pushing 70. They are one of the greatest rock bands of all time and have been a huge source of joy and inspiration to me for years.