Wanna Dress Like Jimi? Head to Bloomingdale's

This is so odd I just had to post it.

Apparently Bloomingdale's will be offering a Jimi Hendrix-inspired line of clothing and accessories, says Guitar World. At first I thought they might be selling replicas of Mr. Hendrix' attire, in which case you'd end up looking either like a cast-member from "Hair" or a pimp. But, at second glance, it looks like these are vaguely Hendrix-inspired items.

It's fun to imagine other guitarist-inspired lines of clothing, like:

  • Slash: leather jackets and silk top-hats
  • Buckethead: designer KFC buckets
  • Robert Fripp: button-up shirts that must be tucked in and always buttoned to the top.
  • Alex Lifeson: clothing from forty years ago that has held up remarkably well and still looks great
  • Steve Vai: see previous comment about Hendrix clothes-line

You get the idea. I think I'd better stop now before I say something mean.