Pedalboard For Sale

This pedalboard has been my reliable gigging setup up until I bought a Kemper Profiling Amp. Now I don't really need any of it and it's too nice of a setup to just sit in my basement.

The pedalboard is mounted on a Pedaltrain Pro that comes with a rolling hard-case. All of the power (with the exception of a few special pedals) is routed through Mooer Power bricks which help give a nice consistent voltage to everything.

The pedals are all wired to a Boss ES-8 switch which is the brains of the whole setup. Instead of toggling individual pedals on and off, the ES-8 can be programmed in terms of "patches" which consist of one or more pedals configured in any signal-flow configuration you can imagine. It can also do a host of clever MIDI and expression pedal tricks. Do not underestimate this thing's capabilities!

The cabling is all done with custom-built George El cables for the shortest possible signal path (and the smallest amount of cable-routing confusion!) I've also attached a power strip to the underside. There are a few spare outlets that you can plug an amp into and then plug the strip into your power-source.

Below is a table showing the original retail price of each pedal (or component) and the average rate for the same item sold as used on eBay: