Class Dismissed! - Mastering the Van Halen Power-Shuffle

Hot For TeacherI’m the OneThe Full BugIce Cream Man—all classics in the Van Halen catalog. Strap a jet engine to the tried-and-true blues shuffle and you get an uptempo sprint that defines the Van Halen sound. The fast and furious pace make these some of the most challenging rock songs to play on the guitar—unless you know the secrets!

Learn How Eddie Plays It

With this lesson you’ll get inside Eddie’s head and learn how to play these classics just like the man himself. I break this style down into bite-sized chunks and help you master this quintessential Van Halen style. Whether you’re newly-minted rock and roller or a grizzled veteran, there is something in this lesson for you!

Checkout this performance of the song Class Dismissed! The song is the backbone of the lesson. It incorporates many of the “signature moves” found in the classic Van Halen power-shuffle songs.

The lesson comes with a variety of backing tracks so you can rock out along with a real band!

Here’s an excerpt for the lesson that covers the opening fretboard-tapping sequence. Every move in this song is broken down step-by-step so you don’t miss a thing!

The lesson also includes a full transcription of the song with tablature so you can work on every move in this song.

The lesson covers:

  • Feeling the swing and shuffle rhythm
  • Mastering the breakneck tempo
  • Van Halen song structures
  • Killer EVH rhythm guitar parts
  • Classic Eddie solos & fills
  • Fretboard tapping
  • Hybrid picking
  • Harmonics, whammy dives & other classic Eddie “stunts”
  • much, much more!

It’s Like Christmas Morning

The lesson bundle is chock-full of goodies to help you learn, including:

  • 2 hour DRM-free instructional video (HD)
  • MP3 backing tracks at full-speed and 75% speed (also standard-tuning and ½-step flat)
  • Half-speed performance video to see how it’s done
  • Full music notation and tablature
  • Lesson handbook stuffed full of extra commentary, performance notes and suggestions on recreating Eddie’s classic tone

Eddie Won’t Show You, But I Will

You can’t sit down and have Edward Van Halen give you a guitar lesson, but Class Dismissed! is the next best thing. Once you finish this lesson you’ll have a deeper understanding of Eddie’s playing and songwriting and will unlock new guitar abilities you didn’t know you had!